IRS Penalties, Liens, and Levies: Avoidance Is Never the Answer to IRS Debt

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Tax season has come and gone. For some, those words are said with a sigh of relief. But for others, the end of tax season came with a debt; their emotional response is more likely stress, worry, or even fear. All of these, and more, are understandable, but the reaction that often follows – avoidance – is the absolute worst one to have. Instead, take a proactive approach, learn what your options are, and learn how you can resolve your IRS debt with the least amount of pain possible. 

If You Have Not Filed

If you missed the deadline or already knew that IRS debt would be a problem and failed to file, the first and most important step is to file as soon as possible. Not filing does not prevent you from having to face penalties and will, in fact, result in bigger problems. Failure to file penalties are significantly higher than failure to pay penalties (4.5 percent in interest versus .5 percent). Even more troubling is you’re your failure to file can send the wrong message and may impact the severity with which the IRS pursues the money owed to them.

Be Proactive and Do What You Can

Once the IRS has to reach out to you, you have very little control of the situation. For this reason, it is critical that you take a proactive approach to dealing with your debt. If what you owe falls below $25,000, pay as close to 40 percent of the debt as possible. If you owe more than $25,000, reduce it to that amount as best as you can. Then contact a skilled and experienced IRS tax attorney to develop a game plan – one that may help you avoid tax liens or levies or, at the very least, help you resolve matters with as little impact as possible.

Whether you have existing liens or levies, or would simply like to try and avoid them altogether, The Law Offices of Eric Zelazny can help. Serving the Tinley Park, Oak Forest, and Orland Park areas since 1996, Attorney Eric Zelazny is an experienced Chicago, Illinois IRS tax attorney and a CPA who takes a creative and proactive approach to helping you resolve your IRS debts. To get started, call 708-888-2299 and schedule your free initial consultation today.




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