Protect Yourself from IRS Impersonation Tax Scams

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Illinois tax attorney, Illinois IRS lawyerIRS impersonation scams have been sweeping the nation, affecting taxpayers in nearly every state and nearly every major city. The problem is so big, in fact, that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration estimates that taxpayers have lost more than $36 million to IRS financial fraud. If you owe money to the IRS, or are even somewhat concerned that you might, it is critical that protect yourself from these scams by knowing when and how the IRS contacts and collects money from taxpayers.

How the IRS Contacts Debtors

The Internal Revenue Service does not contact debtors by phone unless they have first contacted them by mail. So, if you have not received notice of an IRS debt by mail, you are fully within your rights to deny any calls from someone claiming to be an agent. If, however, you believe or suspect you may owe money to the IRS, you are encouraged to disengage from any threatening phone call and contact the IRS directly for help or more information about your debts.

How the IRS Collects Debts

As a government agency, the IRS does have certain powers and methods for collecting debts, but these methods do not include threatening you over the phone and threatening criminal action. Instead, they will typically use actions like tax liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments to collect from taxpayers that have failed to pay their back taxes. Moreover, the IRS does not demand immediate payment over the phone, nor do they request that taxpayers make payments through gift card or electronic wires. Instead, the IRS gives fair notice regarding debt, and they provide you with the time and opportunity to resolve your debt and/or make arrangements to do so.

Do You Owe the IRS?

If you do, in fact, owe the IRS and fear that you may soon face negative action or have already experienced negative action, it is critical that you take action now. The Law Offices of Eric Zelazny can help. Skilled and experienced, we can review your current situation and determine what options may be available to you. And, because we are committed to seeing you through to a positive outcome, we will guide and advise you every step of the way. Call 708-888-2299 and schedule your free initial consultation with a knowledgeable Tinley Park IRS tax debt law firm today.




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