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Are you having a hard time paying your bills and getting further behind each month? Are you behind on your mortgage payments and facing a foreclosure? If you are having trouble keeping up with your monthly obligations, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your solution. Chapter 13 is a not a full bankruptcy; it is an individual reorganization plan that allows you to repay all (or part) of your debts over a three to five year period with a manageable payment plan that is administered by the court. Filing Chapter 13 is a major decision that could impact you and your family for several years to come. For this reason, this step should not be taken without skilled financial and legal guidance.

Since 1996, the Law Offices of Eric Zelazny have been helping individuals in Illinois who have fallen behind on their debts and need help getting their finances back on track. Attorney Eric Zelazny is a lawyer and CPA with vast experience in both financial and legal matters. Attorney Zelazny has been called on several times to lecture on these topics and testify before the courts. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys offer customized and comprehensive guidance for those in financial trouble, working with each client personally and crafting the best solution to meet their needs.

When Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Make Sense?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals who want to repay their debts but have fallen behind to the point of not being able to catch up without some help from the courts. In order for it to work, you should have a source of steady income for the foreseeable future so you have the means to maintain the payments to which you agree. Chapter 13 may also help you avoid a home foreclosure, car repossession or any other type of property repossession in instances when you have suffered a financial setback.

In addition, individuals who do not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy because their income or asset values are too high may also want to opt for a Chapter 13. But whatever the reason for filing, the key to success with this plan is a steady source of income. If you have lost your job or lack a regular income, then Chapter 13 may not be your best choice.

Still not sure if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right step for you? We can help you decide. Contact the Law Offices of Eric Zelazny today at 708-888-2299 for your free, no obligation consultation. Attorney Zelazny will sit down with you to answer all your questions, go over your personal financial situation and help you decide the best course of action to resolve your financial issues. Get in touch with our bankruptcy attorneys and let us put our experience to work to put you on the path to financial independence. Our law offices represent clients for chapter 13 bankruptcies in Joliet, Tinley Park, Mokena, Frankfort, Orland Hills, New Lenox, Will County, DuPage County and surrounding Illinois communities.

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